About Us

Established in 2008, the Zaccone Family Foundation has focused on supporting health, education and welfare. Three generations of family members sit on its board ensuring that core values are passed on from generation to generation. To date, the foundation has donated over $1,869,352 to qualifying people and institutions in Chicago, Illinois and Sarasota, Florida.

Several of the projects the foundation has been involved with are noted below. In addition to providing financial support, the family is involved in volunteer work in their communities.

Support Presence Saint Joseph Hospital

Presence Saint Joseph Hospital

  • In 2011, equipment was purchased to identify the sentinel node in an easier, less invasive and painless way and can be used for all cancers. The sentinel node is a critical diagnostic test for staging cancer.  
  • The funds for 2012 purchased equipment that checks a tumor’s margins for any residual cancer during surgery confirming that clear margins were found.
  • In 2013, funds were used for Image Guided Radiation Therapy. Through IGRT technology, the radiation oncology team synthesizes data obtained from CT scans, PET scans and MRIs to map the same, density and contour of the tumor, design angles of delivery that spare healthy tissue and calculate the exact dosage needed to destroy the targeted area. All this work reduces side effects, dramatically enhancing the patients’ health and well-being during treatment and throughout the course of their lives post-treatment.
  • In 2014, funds were directed to the future Mark M. Connolly Center for Cancer & Specialty Care and the Zaccone Family Holistic Center.
  • In 2015, funds have been designated to SAVI SCOUT Surgical Guidance system. The SAVI SCOUT uses electromagnetic wave technology to assist surgeons to precisely locate and direct the removal of cancerous tissue during a biopsy or lumpectomy. The ability to precisely locate a tumor enables the surgeon to achieve complete cancer removal while conserving breast tissue and reduces the likelihood of follow-up surgeries. This technology makes the removal process much easier and less painful, with a faster recovery time for patients.
  • Since 2016 all donations and funds have been directed to the Mark M. Connolly Center for Cancer & Specialty Care and the Zaccone Center for Holistic Healing.

Support Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

Since 2010 we have made sure that the senior graduates have the experience of attending prom including the proper dress, suit, shoes, and accessories.

We have also funded college educations since 2011 through the Legacy of Learning program, and we collect gently used clothes for the kids to wear to interviews and school.

Yet it doesn’t end there. We also put on cooking classes, etiquette classes and provide mentorships through qualified ZFF volunteers.

Support The University of Chicago Medicine

University of Chicago

Cancer Research Foundation

The Zaccone Family Microsurgery Fellowship program has supported one student a year since 2010. Seven students have graduated and are practicing around the United States and Europe, including South Dakota, North Carolina, Illinois, Rhode Island, Israel, and Spain, allowing more people access to finer microsurgical skills, techniques, and procedures.