A solution for Chicago children in crisis.

Mercy Home works with all at-risk kids. Their parents may be in jail or unemployed, they might be sick and unable to care for themselves, let alone a child, or they may have issues with drugs or alcohol. The stories are heartbreaking and varied. Many children, who don’t learn about Mercy Home, slip through the cracks and become collateral damage, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Every child involved with Mercy Home has a safe place to live. They experience, sometimes for the first time, a loving, supportive and caring family environment. They are required to maintain grade levels and are involved in counseling. They have responsibilities to not only themselves, but the home and the others kids they live with. Mercy Home is a safe haven for these kids. They are off the street. They are cared for. Mercy Home provides an opportunity to break the cycle and create responsible citizens who learn through a healthy experience what it takes to bring up the next generation. The best part of the whole experience is to hear the stories of the many accomplishments, the work these kids have done to overcome their personal struggle and the victory that comes from working hard at something and seeing a positive result.



About Mercy Home

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls has been a solution for kids in crisis since 1887. They provide critical,
life-saving services to more than 650 hurting and troubled young women and men every year. Mercy Home’s full-time residential program provides around-the-clock care in a safe and stable home for 134 youths. Children who have suffered abuse, neglect, poverty and abandonment are given the
opportunity to rebuild their lives and the encouragement to realize their dreams. Through therapeutic, academic and vocational support, we help them grow into healthy adults who go on to pursue higher education, secure good jobs, and raise loving families of their own.